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Table 1. Firebird Development Teams
Developer Country Major Tasks

Dmitry Yemanov

Russian Federation

Full-time database engineer/implementor; core team leader

Alexander Peshkov

Russian Federation

Full-time security features coordinator; buildmaster; porting authority

Vladyslav Khorsun


Full-time DB engineer; SQL feature designer/implementor

Adriano dos Santos Fernandes


International character-set handling; text and text BLOB enhancements; new DSQL features; code scrutineering

Roman Simakov

Russian Federation

Engine contributions

Dimitry Sibiryakov

Czech Republic

Engine and replication contributions

Ilya Eremin

Russian Federation

Engine contributions

Paul Beach


Release Manager; MacOS Builds

Pavel Cisar

Czech Republic

QA tools designer/coordinator; Firebird Butler coordinator; Python driver developer

Pavel Zotov

Russian Federation

QA tester and tools developer

Paul Reeves


Windows installers and builds

Mark Rotteveel

The Netherlands

Jaybird implementer and co-coordinator; Documentation writer

Jiri Cincura

Czech Republic

Developer and coordinator of .NET providers

Martin Koeditz


Developer and coordinator of PHP driver Documentation translator

Alexey Kovyazin

Russian Federation

Website coordinator

Helen Borrie


Release notes editor; Chief of Thought Police