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since Firebird 4.0 release

New Minor ODS Number

Firebird 5.0 creates databases with an ODS (On-Disk Structure) version of 13.1. It can also work with databases created in ODS 13.0 (by Firebird 4.0), but some new features will be unavailable.

See [rnfb50-engine-inline-upgrade] for a new method of upgrading an ODS 13.0 database to 13.1.

New System Tables

System tables added in ODS 13.1:


Virtual table that enumerates keywords used by the SQL parser


Virtual table that reports compiled statements

New Columns in System Tables

  • RDB$CONDITION_SOURCE and RDB$CONDITION_BLR were added to the system table RDB$INDICES, they belong to the partial indices feature

  • MON$SESSION_TIMEZONE was added to virtual table MON$ATTACHMENTS

  • MON$COMPILED_STATEMENT_ID was added to the virtual tables MON$STATEMENTS and MON$CALL_STACK

  • SEC$DESCRIPTION was added to virtual table SEC$GLOBAL_AUTH_MAPPING

Application Programming Interfaces

The wire protocol version for the Firebird 5.0 API is 18. Additions and changes are described in the sections below.

Main API Extensions

A number of new methods have been added to the following interfaces.


void getInfo(Status status,
             uint itemsLength, const uchar* items,
             uint bufferLength, uchar* buffer);

Used to query cursor information. Currently, only one information item is supported, INF_RECORD_COUNT. INF_RECORD_COUNT returns the number of records cached by the scrollable cursor, or -1 for a uni-directional (forward-only) cursor.

Extensions to various getInfo() Methods


The following actions were added:


Execution path as BLR (binary format)


Execution path as BLR (textual format)

Services API Extensions

Support for parallel operations

Added support for parallel operations.

The following options were added:


number of parallel workers for backup


number of parallel workers for restore


number of parallel workers for sweep

Examples of use of new parameters in fbsvcmgr utility (login and password were left out for brevity):

fbsvcmgr -action_backup -bkp_parallel_workers 4 <dbname> <backupname>
fbsvcmgr -action_restore -res_parallel_workers 4 <backupname> <dbname>
fbsvcmgr -action_repair -rpr_sweep_db -rpr_par_workers 4 <dbname>

Support for gfix -upgrade

Added support for minor ODS upgrade.

The following option was added:


upgrade database

Example of use of new parameter in fbsvcmgr utility (login and password were left out for brevity):

fbsvcmgr -action_repair -rpr_upgrade_db <dbname>