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 Firebird ODBC/JDBC Driver 2.0 ManualInstalling the Driver 
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This manual documents the official driver for connecting ODBC-aware client applications with a Firebird database, implementing the combined capabilities of dedicated wrappers for the Firebird C/C++ API functions with an ODBC-to-JDBC bridge to enable cross-platform connections in a Java VM environment.

About the Firebird ODBC driver

The Firebird ODBC driver supports client applications connecting to Firebird databases from Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Linux. Separate kits are available for both Windows and the POSIX platforms, for use with 32-bit or 64-bit clients. On Windows, the respective dynamic OdbcFb.dll and the static OdbcFb.lib libraries are packaged in both .zip archives and executable installers. The POSIX packages come as either the binaries for x86 and amd64, respectively, both named, or as a source code tarball. This help file is also included in the installation kits.

Features Supported

  • Compiling for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows clients on the Microsoft SDK base

  • Unicode

  • Thread-safe querying and other processing

  • Creating databases by means of functions SQLConfigDataSource, SQLDriverConnect, SQLExecDirect.

  • Multiple simultaneous transactions per connection, with varying transaction attributes if need be. For example, one read-only transaction, one or more simultaneous read/write transactions.

  • Transparent connection pooling via transaction settings

  • Firebird database events returned by triggers and stored procedures

  • Use of Microsoft ODBC cursors (odbccr32.dll, odbccu32.dll)

  • Firebird Services API (backup & restore, statistics, repair) by way of the function SQLConfigDataSource

  • The schemas SCHEMA or OWNER for cases where a schema is required for cross-DBMS compatibility in SQL queries

  • Fully functioning SQL syntax support for Services transactions via Firebird’s gpre pre-compiler language (“EmbedSQL”)

  • Use of the COM interface for Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)